Savoring Life's Pleasures / by Melissa Hefferlin

Happy New Year from Williams Street

My wish for your 2017 is that your work is rewarding, your family is well, and you have ample time to savor the good things in life. That is the theme of this recent, crimson still life. I hope you enjoy "Cosimo's World."  

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Video short by Helene Hayman


Savoring the good in my life reminds me of those who lack for life's most basic needs. Alone, I feel like it's difficult to make a difference. I wonder would any of you be willing to partner with me, forming a group which could sponsor a Syrian refugee family here in the USA or in Europe? I'm thinking 12 monthly contributions of any amount, and letters of friendship and encouragement? If any of you could commit, I think we'd find helping to be a source of joy. Email me:

The beautiful studios and hall at Townsend Atelier

Art Throw-Down with the Whole Family

Townsend Atelier will be hosting an All-Family Art Throw-Down on 3 March at their studios in downtown Chattanooga. Daud Akhriev (my husband), Timur Akhriev (my son) and myself will be painting with friendly competitiveness from the same model, while the audience has cocktails and cheers (or heckles, ha ha). We hope you can make an evening of it. Click on the photo to get more information on Townsend Atelier, or to let them know you're interested.

Reception with dealer Linda Woodall

Opening March the 10th, we will be showing recent work on paper, and small oils with Linda Woodall. She was the first person to represent me and my husband, Daud Akhriev, over twenty years ago, and this reunion will be a happy event for us. We'll keep you informed.

To close I drop in a blurry photo from the archives: a tiny drawing I made of a magical horse and her human friend, expressing my wonder with the joy horses bring to my life. It's in the collection of Cynthia Nesson and Bruce Simonson, and I love to see the little drawing every time I visit. Happy New Year, and thanks for your visit to my website.

Live long and prosper.