Sisters in Crime / by Melissa Hefferlin

"Comedy is acting out optimism." - Robin Williams


For the last 25 years I’ve created an annual block print of The Nymphs: three amply-constructed, merry-minded women. The Nymphs embody my sense of optimism and of life’s innate humor. The nymphs have have sat on Santa’s lap at the mall, played billiards, gone to the North Pole, wrangled colts, waded into alpine lakes and audited fitness classes, about which they felt ambivalence. The trio returns for the holidays of 2016, and they’ve turned to crime. 

This year's inspiration appeared because my favorite business in Spain moved. Their former site, beside my walking route, is now encircled with high fences. Within those walls, out of my reach, thrive roses of every color, and when I pass by I long to harvest the abandoned blossoms for my breakfast table or to put beside our bed.  This year's Nymphs took measure of my desire for the flowers and really exerted themselves, resulting in less modesty than usual. Anyone who’s ever climbed a tree or a high wall knows that there is NO way to ascend without slinging a leg over something at some point, and probably using that leg as balance. When my friend Jenny Stock first saw me cutting the linoleum she said, “Well, if you’re going to go to that much trouble to steal flowers, you’re not going to be worried about modesty.” Nonetheless, I fear that my mother, the much-beloved Inelda, is not going to approve this year at all. I myself am very pleased.

Sisters in Crime / Linoleum print on Japanese or Nepales papers/ 12 x 7 in. / $150 unframed

Helene Hayman, a young filmmaker from Denmark, has made the film short about the birth of Sisters in Crime, which you have seen above. Helene has brought a fresh breeze filled with new ideas to our Olvera, and Daud and I are grateful to her. I love how she caught the flavor of this, my home away from home.

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PS  You can see tiny examples of more hand-made Nymph prints below. Not all are pictured, and some are sold out, as I only print 30-40 of each image. To see my linoleum prints in all their various subject matter, click here. The price range for a hand-pulled print, unframed, ranges from $30 - $200 each, depending on size and intricacy. Shipping not included.