The History of the Magical Rabbit by Melissa Hefferlin



This Spring blog features my treasured still life subject, the winged rabbit. That such an unlikely prey animal should possess the power to fly charms me and is symbolic.



A new adventure is underway for Daud and myself, a quest to fulfill a long-held dream. We are creating artist-designed fine silk scarves under the name Serithea. (in Greek: "Seri" means silk and "thea" means goddess.) Woven into both of our life histories is a passion for textiles. Scarves are a way of life for a large portion of the planet's women. The four women in Daud's family have libraries of exquisite scarves to enhance every occasion. I remember inheriting one of my Swiss grandmothers Hermés scarves, and what a useful and sensuous heirloom it remains. Another influence is my mother and a sister who are quilters---composing fabric into useful and elegant designs which will pass on through generations. We want to create wearable, artistic heirlooms on finest silk.

It's early days yet---we are sourcing the silks and selecting production partners, and of course, designing. Initially the project was Daud's. He already created the first suite of designs. But I could not keep my hands out of the project and will be cutting linoleum prints for a more graphic suite of scarves.

We are deeply grateful to ThreeTwelve Creative branding and marketing company. They are helping us with the identity for the endeavor. Simultaneous thanks to each of you for the enthusiasm and support you've already shown towards the project.  Thanks to John and Angela Shaheen and Pierre van Minxel who set us on the path to the silk makers. Our passion towards Serithea scarves means that we are busier than ever because we continue to be easel painters, but the creative reward is worth the time. We hope you enjoy the results!

Early prototype scarves which meet our standards will be available for pre-launch sale within weeks, and we hope to have our web boutique within 6 to 12 months. To receive information on Serithea's awakening, click on the link below, or comment on this blog.


Thank you for visiting my Olvera studio this Easter morning, and I wish you a wonderful Spring.


Sisters in Crime by Melissa Hefferlin

Welcome back to my Spanish studio. I'm glad you're here, because I am writing with forewarning that the linoleum print of the 2016 nymphs is even less modest than usual. The excellent Inelda, my mother, will shriek in mock horror when she sees them. I wavered about the design, I really did.

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In Good Hands, Italian Style by Melissa Hefferlin

Plein aire painting in Florence is heaven. Let me be more specific: it is my husband's heaven. I prefer figure painting and still life, and for me, plein air painting in Florence is a crowded and joyless business that involves too much brown. As Daud headed out into the heat-shimmering city with field easel clanking beside him

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Trying to create space by Melissa Hefferlin

For the last ten years or so still life has commanded at least half my attention. Because of the time which I have in my Spanish studio, I've been able to be more adventurous about my compositions. As seen below, I've added complexity with the introduction of a miniature self-portrait, and a back wall which not only has different planes, but has three separate lighting situations. I want the

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