Evolution of a Painting / by Melissa Hefferlin

Welcome to my Spanish painting studio! I appreciate the visit. Here's what's been going on.

The still life in the slide show far below was inspired by Hari Tipping. She told me when she sees my still lifes, they seem to be landscapes of my interior states. Her comment inspired first a block print with, literally, a landscape inside a women who can open like a cabinet.

A woman with cabinet doors which open, revealing a magical-realism interior.

Later, I began this still life with a petite self portrait placed in the peaceful interior with favorite objects.  I mentioned its formal aspects in my first blog when I just started it. I love to paint glass for the fluidity and transparency. The horse (by sculptor Elizabeth DeCosimo) represents my affection for those fine creatures. I surrounded the objects with bright pastel color, and with peace and quiet. This still life is a love letter to tranquility.

Below find a time-lapse of the progress. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO MOVE THROUGH THE SEQUENCE.

Thanks for visiting my studio this week, and I hope you enjoyed the blog. Your feedback is always welcome!  Melissa